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16 September 2021

Bridget O’Malley from Eastbourne has something to smile about.

For many years Mrs O’ Malley worked in television and hospitality but of recent times her confidence and joie to vive were ebbing away. A sprightly lady in her 60’s she knew that the ultimate cause of this was the increasing discomfort and annoyance from her lower teeth and upper dentures.

Wearing dentures aged her beyond her years but she didn’t know what the solution was, or if anything could be done to help.

On a friends recommendation, she sought advice from Dr Hanna, a dental implant specialist at The White House Dental Clinic, Langney Road, Eastbourne. This eventually led to full upper teeth implants and some fantastic cosmetic crowns and bridgework on the lower jaw. This is her story.

Why did you decide to have the procedure?

I was incredibly conscious of my smile and because of problems with the dentures I decided to do something about it. It got to the stage that my denture was dropping which didn’t look good
but also made eating and speaking difficult as well. I wanted to look great again and I know that your teeth make a huge impact on your appearance. What was the first step?

During the first consultation, Dr Hanna explained what would be involved during this procedure and carried out X-Rays to find out if I was a suitable patient for implants.

Following this, I was fitted with seven temporary implants. After a six month healing period, I had the permanent implants fitted.

How did you feel and look three months after the procedure?

Absolutely great with a set of excellent teeth – just as I looked ten years earlier!

Were there any complications during the recovery period?

None at all. I have had no problems with my new implants and feel absolutely great – like a new woman with a fresh look of confidence.

Are you happy with the results?

Yes, I certainly am. It is fantastic. No dentures anymore and the dental implants feel just like my own teeth back again. I can highly recommend implants to anyone considering this procedure, it
has given me back my looks and joie de vive.

Given the opportunity, would you do it again?

Most certainly. It is the best thing that has happened in respect of my teeth. I would recommend anyone to get implants – don’t get false teeth. To me, my dental implants are a miracle.

Thank you to Dr Hanna and the staff at The White House Dental Clinic for the great care and attention.

Dr Hanna’s advice on implants.

What may come as a surprise, is that the loss of even one tooth can have far-reaching effects. It can compromise eating habits and speech, and can even change the appearance and shape of ones
mouth and face.

Dental implants provide the ideal solution to dental ‘gaps’ and an alternative to dentures. What are implants? Dental implants are usually small titanium screws fixed into the jawbone to act like the root of a natural tooth. Implants allow the tooth to function completely independently of the adjacent teeth, providing a permanent, healthy and attractive solution.

What are the benefits of implants? Implants preserve the integrity of your facial structure and replicate your natural teeth as closely as possible, both in function and appearance. They
also, overcome the disadvantages of bridges and dentures that do not preserve bone and can necessitate the grinding down of adjacent teeth to fit.

What is your advice to people thinking about getting implants? Before embarking on this treatment, it is important to establish exactly what procedure is proposed, what experience the dentist has in this field of work, the total cost of the treatment and what the alternatives are. You will be spending a lot of time, effort and money, so be sure that you know what you are getting at the end of the treatment.

For further information on dental implants, or to arrange a FREE consultation with Dr Paul Hanna, contact The White House Dental Clinic, Eastbourne: 01323 725 224

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